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Aerial view of the trees planted in Hacienda La Paz.
Located on the high plains of the Department of Vichada in Colombia, 12.000 hectareas are in a magical real land worthy of an enclosure for Gods, chosen by CO2less.org as the site for planting trees.

This is a land packed with history which is part of "Guayana Shield", being considered one of the oldest geological formations on earth. The lands are washed by crystal clear water trails, diverse wildlife, as well as fish of many colors and shapes their tails waving in dances in the river Vita and Juriepe and making this a unique and special paradise.

Savanna to be planted with trees you can adopt.
Native forest corridors are preserved, called gallery forests, providing shelter and protection to the wildlife of the area and will be protected and cared for as natural reserves.

Within the wildlife inhabiting this place of dreams we can find turtles, mountain lions, armadillos, snakes, deer savanna, as well as the abundant birds and other species making the area a special place, where at night sounds cooing and singing bring the imagination as if been taken out of a fairy tale.

Acacia Mangium in Hacienda La Paz improving the environment.
Here the trees touch the sky and fill the plains, the afternoon sun-light bathes the red glow with color, where time stops in the sunsets carrying murmurs of water, bird songs and wonderful aromas, where the real meaning of peace can be felt, the Hacienda La Paz.

There, at some point came the word of God through missions and Evangelism, the task is transformed and evolved and the teaching and mission change, making a commitment to the land, the environment and protection, in this wonderful holy site, where each tree will be part of this magical and beautiful sanctuary, shall be as some natives of the region say, the trees hold up the sky with branches, the stems will give life to the land and the magic of creation can be seen in all the splendor in the procreation of species.

House in the Hacienda La Paz where the trees are protecting the environment.
Hacienda La Paz has a house equipped with sanitary services and health camps which also offer comfortable, healthy, living spaces in perfect harmony between man and nature and allow a pleasant and wonderful stay to staff project employees including all visitors who get involved in the magical surroundings, not wishing to ever depart.