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Hacienda La Paz (6 ° 3'0 .21 "N - 68 ° 10'9 .51" W), site chosen for planting trees, is located in Colombia, at Km 90 on the road leading to the town of Primavera from the city of Puerto Carreño, Capital Vichada Department.

This city is considered the most forested city of Colombia with abundance of mangoes, local fruit, lies on the border between Colombia and Venezuela and is located where Meta River empties flows into the Orinoco.

You can arrive Puerto Carreño by different means such as the fluvial, land and air, the latter being faster and safer.

Satena, a Colombian airline, is the only service providing transportation of passengers to this region, covering the round trip route from El Dorado International Airport in Bogota, capital of Colombia, to the airport German Olano in Puerto Carreño.

These flights are usually scheduled on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday returning the day you wish, flying time approximately one and a half hour. It is also possible fly to Puerto Carreño from Bogota, with a stopover at the Vanguardia airport in Villavicencio on Wednesday and Saturday, returning on Tuesday and Saturday, taking around approximately two hours and forty minutes. There are airline companies that provide cargo services such as Selva and Aerocarga.

If you require more information about how to arrive or learn more about the area, please write us and we will gladly help you to plan whatever you wish to make your stay to the plantation as the most exciting and comfortable pleasure that you ever had.

Recommendation: Vaccinated against yellow fever and tetanus are highly recommended to travelers entering this region of Colombia.